The Trusted Professionals We Work With

Over the years, Street Beat Property has developed a trusted circle of professional contacts and trades people who we rely on to provide specialist guidance and advice when we need it, each in their own area of expertise.

If you are looking for help in any of the areas mentioned we can wholeheartedly recommend any and all of the following individuals and companies.

Professional Advisors

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Taxation & Accounting

The origins of Scott & Wilkinson in Dalton Square, Lancaster go back over 100 years with the current practice coming into being in 1968. Gillian Lowcock, Associate, and Stuart Hinnigan, Director are always available when we need to know the exact tax implications of Street Beat Projects.

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Legal Advice

Naren Dean and his team at Bains Wilson have proved invaluable in the development of recent property acquisitions. It was essential to us to have a lawyer who is prepared to think out of the box when it comes to structuring creative deals which are often the driving force when it comes to securing significant opportunity for profit.

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Design & Architecture

In 2008 I was fortunate to become a partner in a £2.4 million, barn development project in the beautiful Cheshire countryside with Matthew Lemar and Peter Mackey. Mathew is a UK qualified Architect and Peter is a Director in a large, international firm of Architects. In addition, they are both founders of the interior design company Red Design with offices both in the UK and Asia. The three of us continue to work together as Red Developments, the development arm of Street Beat Property

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Our first port of call for property related insurance advice is Chris Bury at The Insurance Centre. Chris and his colleagues always go that extra mile to first of all understand the insurance requirement and then provide cost effective options to meet that need

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Mortgage Brokers

Knowing who to approach in specific circumstances is one of the keys to finding the correct finance for any particular property investment opportunity. It certainly isn't a “one stop shop” process. Bridging, Buy To Let, Development, Mezzanine lending are all very specialised, particularly when doing “out of the box” creative deals with vendors and landlords. In addition, part of the value Street Beat bring to any party are our professional connections but needless to say, our investors and partners benefit greatly from this valuable knowledge.

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