Being a “sand grown un” and seeing Morecambe in its heyday as a child left many happy memories of a vibrant, bustling, exciting sea side resort. Unfortunately, like many such towns it fell on hard times in the 70’s and 80’s.

At long last I have the feeling Morecambe is on the way up again. Why do I think this? Take a look at the “Why Morecambe” section on our “Location Location Location” page.

Added to this, the current governments “Levelling Up” ambitions along with the wealth of property based opportunities in the North West made it a simple decision to choose this area as the main focus of Street Beat Property.

We already had properties in the area and added two more during 2022, a somewhat tired small, 6 bedroom B&B Hotel and a two up, two down terrace needing extensive upgrading. You can view these projects in the “Our Projects” section of this site.

Alongside building our business, we intend to build our involvement with the local community, after all, a thriving community is great for a business like ours which is based on sharing opportunity with as wide a part of the community as possible.

So far in 2023, we have got involved in two local community activities and one international one. Street Beat is sponsoring the “Morecambe Music Festival” and also a charity CD in aid of the local St Johns Hospice.

In addition, we have sponsored a family from war torn Ukraine and will provide them with safe and comfortable accommodation while they settle in their, hopefully for them, temporary new country. We are hoping they will arrive here no later than April 2023.

Over the coming months and years we plan to continue to increase our involvement in other community based projects.

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